“a Juliet meets Lucille Ball kind of gal”

(the quirky girl-next-door)

Photos by Jessica Osber Photography

Abby Knipp is a New York-based actor and improviser. A lover of fine wine, cats, and baked brie, she grew up in the countryside of Baltimore, Maryland where she spent most of her days (and nights) sitting by the fireplace reading Harry Potter. She graduated from Boston University, receiving her BFA in Acting from Boston University's School of Theatre, and studied in London where she earned a certificate in Classical Acting from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). When she’s not curating a delicious cheese board or dancing at ((305)) fitness, she is busy auditioning, writing short plays, and working on a new web series (Acting Out).

She hopes to inspire change, growth, and laughter with her art and is dedicated to breaking barriers and building bridges. She is excited to experience new opportunities and is committed to learning more about how theatre and the arts can create a safer, more open, and equitable world for us all.